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"Music of a hundred years ago, from yesterday or today - whenever you place them, the songs of Rob McHale should be taught in school, because they reflect vibrant history, the value of tradition and living social comment. This North Carolina-based poet, musician and composer writes folk Americana songs that walk you through their narratives in an entirely involving way. They bring home the wealth of heritage and place it firmly in the present, they observe the days we live in and offer valuable meaning." Tom Franks, Folk Words Magazine, London , England

"This [ Surrounded Again ] is the best song I have heard about Custer, and I have heard them all" - Ranger Michael Donahue, Author, Historian - The Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument, Crow Agency, Montana ( June 2014 )

"Real and mature, reflective and sincere, this is music for the spirit and a really excellent release". (Fields)
Stephen Rapid
Lonesome Highway Magazine
Dublin, Ireland

"With this irristibly harmonious music this disc is certainly one of the highlights of this genre in 2014".
Wolgang Geise
Frankfurt, Germany

"A Socially Conscious Writer with Intelligent Lyrics"
Randy Walker - WSGE 91.7 FM (Sep 15, 2010)

"I hear shades of [ Neil ]Young, JJ Cale and many of the best writers of our generation"
Christopher Anderson - Victory Music, Seattle, WA (Dec 2011)

"Fire and the Guns' recalls something from the early years of Gordon Lightfoot and should be seen primarily as a sincere compliment for this excellent story teller".
Cis Van Looy
Keys and Chords

"He has released an excellent record again, jam packed with songs with one eye on what is and what is to come, and the other to what is already over. Particularly warm blooded songs delivered with an equally hot blooded voice".

"McHale stands out for miles in the inexhaustible line of competors for the favor of the listeners".
Max A. Achatz
Country Jukebox
Munich, Germany

"Rob McHale’s newest record ‘Fields’ is composed of relaxing songs that are meant to make you feel good. The stories which are told in the ten tracks are socially inspired and some are based on historical events. They aim to make the listeners think carefully about todays’ world and how they can contribute to the achievement of a better society.”
–Rootstime Magazine, Belgium/Netherlands

"Rob is old school folk singer, his voice a guiding beam on Fields, his recent release - McHale wears the skins of his characters; his stories allow for the familiar to be felt as an old friend and the unknown to become family by the end of his song".
Danny McCloskey
The Alternate Root Magazine
Palm Springs, California

Rob McHale's rich mellifluous vocals and his guitar playing that ripples out like a
flowing stream are at the core of an album that leans towards the folky end of Americana.
The fine title track is a carefully observed story of one of countless American small towns
in terminal decline once their factory has moved south of the border. Sitting somewhere
between restrained despair and resignation it's a tight little song, not a word out of place.
Jonathan Aird
Americana UK Magazine
Company Town Review

"Well deserved, too, that he's been compared to both Neil Young, JJ Cale and a bunch of other of the greats of his generation. For this is the feeling you get when ageless right folk/americana is served." Bear - Popgeni Magazine, Sweden

"Contemporary Songsmith who has the unique ability to combine thoughtful salt of the earth lyrics with intriguing melodies and complex rhythmic harmonies on acoustic guitar. Great Stuff!"
Mark Ponischil - Great Aunt Stella Center, Charlotte, NC (Jun 2, 2011)

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