Rob mainly performs with a 2003 Martin OM-28 Custom.  The guitar started out in Los Angeles and made it’s way east to Rob via Frank Stallone.

The guitar has a low profile neck and a hand picked top by the President of C.F. Martin & Co. and an LR Baggs iMix pickup system.

Rob also may be seen playing a:

1991 Martin OM-28 with a low profile neck and LR Baggs iMix pickup system
2018 Martin OM-28 reimagined model LR Baggs iMix
2006 Gibson J-45 Sunburst with a stock Fishman system
1976 Martin D-28 with an LR Bagss Element pickup
2001 Collings OM 2H with an LR Baggs iMix pickup system.

Rob uses the LR Baggs pickups on all of his Martin and Collings guitars.

Craig Landau ( Midwood Lutherie) maintains all of Rob’s instruments.
Rob endorses Midwood Lutherie, 1517 Central Ave., Charlotte, NC

Mary Hawes plays Bonham Cojons
Bonham Cajon