Magazine Review ‘ Prophets on the Boulevard – Music and Yourself, Germany

"It's been four years since the last album of the North Carolina-based singer / songwriter Rob McHale touched me very pleasantly, with music, very harmonious and gentle, a narrative style arrested. Stories about everyday life, with all its ups and downs, in a narrower and wider circle settled, you could hear on the album "Fields". It was one of the highlights of the genre in 2014 for me.

And so, according to "preloaded", I approached the judgment of the new record, Prophets On The Boulevard. Again, the artist managed to spark my enthusiasm. Associations also tumble back towards Gordon Lightfoot, John Coster or Bat McGrath. However, that does not mean that McHale does not have his own profile, but I would like to put him on the side of the named.

As with the predecessor, I am now again so that the warm-hearted sounding atmosphere takes me along in a pleasing and well-sounding way, and lets the sunburn flow warm again. A pleasant feeling is spread through the music and leads to relaxed listening. Here you can take the carefully designed booklet to hand and dedicate yourself to the lyrics. Except for "Little Red Rooster" by Willie Dixon all compositions are from McHale. The Blues of the "Red Rooster" has been perfectly integrated, continues to breathe the blues feeling, but has now been put into a folky robe, including use of the Fiddle. In general, the Fiddle has always been used very well throughout the record and brings in very beautiful elements and nuances. Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Roots enter a beguiling alliance. In my opinion, this music is timeless, and in 2018 the album will also end up in my personal best list!"
Wolfgang Giese, Music and Yourself Magazine, Germany

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