The 100th Session of Summit Songwriter Showcase

100th Summit Coffee Songwriter Showcase

  • DATE/TIME: Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 7:00 PM
  • PROGRAM: Summit Coffee Songwriter Showcase
  • VENUE ADDRESS: 128 South Main Street, Davidson, NC
  • VENUE PHONE: 704.663.6661
  • TICKETS: free/donation
    Including high-resolution digital photos for your use at the Publicity Pages.


Summit Coffee, 128 South Main Street in Davidson, North Carolina is proud to present the one hundredth session of the Summit Songwriter Showcase on Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 7PM. This milestone event will feature performances by 2014 Summit Songwriter of the year Rick Spreitzer, 2012 Summit Songwriter of the Year Billy Jones, and Summit Songwriter host Rob McHale.

The Centuplicate Summit Songwriter Showcase

The Summit Coffee Songwriter Showcase turns “100” Shows old on September 13, 2018. The showcase has endured longer than any other of its kind in the Carolinas and is termed “The Longest Running Songwriter Showcase in the Carolinas”.

The Songwriter Showcase is held monthly at the legacy music venue Summit Coffee in historic downtown Davidson, NC.

The showcase features local, regional, and touring artists, coming from as far away as Canada, New York, Michigan, Tennessee, Massachusetts etc. Some of the performers have had commercial success with top charting songs and songs placed in Television and Film Industry as well.

The Artists:

Rick Spreitzer –

Singer-songwriter, member of the Antique Babies, partner to my beloved Tracy, addictions and mental health counselor and occasional presenter, outfielder, guitar buyer/seller/trader/dreamer, raging introvert with a nervous tongue, brother to 5 siblings, former black sheep, Atlanta Braves fan, Florida boy and mighty grateful guy.

Rick Spreitzer is a NYC-born, south Florida-reared guy who now calls Charlotte, NC home. He was born to working-class parents. His father was a butcher while his mother stayed at home raising those six kids.

He plays guitar like an old woman beating a dirty rug and sings like nobody’s angel. But spend time with his songs and you’ll find yourself visited by characters hell-bent on drawing you in. His songs speak of considerable depth, cling to the back of poetic beasts and carry you through more shadow than light.

“Writing is that mostly laborious (sometimes magical) process of sifting through the dirt, peeling away the layers in search of small, shiny truths. I’ve found no better way to squander my days than to write in search of a decent song.”

Billy Jones –

Billy Jones has been making his way across the Carolinas with a six-string and a suitcase full of well-crafted tunes for the better part of the last decade. Whether he’s performing solo or with in his dynamite trio, Jones always delivers with danceable rhythms and an intimate delivery that makes every venue a living room. Jones pens songs that reflect the deep musical roots of his native Carolina Piedmont. His ears are also tuned to a broader, global wavelength. Equal parts folk and rhythm and blues; his songs paint streetscapes of downtown Americana and offer reflections of a journey well traveled.

For Jones, playing live has always been his bread and butter. After hawking and honing his sounds for the last ten years, Billy Jones puts on a show that is as unique as it is memorable.



Host Rob McHale is a North Carolina-based Folk-Americana artist whose songs can take you through a small town, down a dirt road or on an historical journey – and bring you back home again. Rob’s flair for penning historical and social commentary songs has received recognition and awards from American Songwriter Magazine, Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, Dallas Songwriters Association, and Billboard.

“Music of a hundred years ago, from yesterday or today – whenever you place them, the songs of Rob McHale should be taught in school, because they reflect vibrant history, the value of tradition and living social comment.”

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