• Prophets on the Boulevard

    #8 on the Folk DJ Charts March 2018!

    (4/18/2018) - Many thanks to the Folk DJs around the world for supporting our new release ‘ Prophets on the Boulevard ‘ – #8 Album – #8 – #11 – #23 songs

“Rob McHale’s new release, Prophets on the Boulevard, is one of the few newer albums that offers a cohesive group of songs about American people, places, and events. McHale’s smooth vocals blend with Chris Rosser’s production, adding just enough instrumentation to create a full sound without destroying the folk authenticity. Prophets on the Boulevard is definitely one of the best folk/Americana albums thus far in 2018, consistently good from first song to last.”

Ken “Dr. K” Nagelberg, Host
“It’s For Folks,” WHYR, Baton Rouge(LA) Community Radio & the Pacifica Radio Network