Prophets on the Boulevard

Release Date: March 2018

Label: Wooden Door Records

Recorded in the North Carolina mountains with producer Chris Rosser, ( Tom Dooley and Friends 2016 and Fields 2014 ) Rob and his band mates returned for a balanced album featuring social commentary, history and love. Massachusetts artists Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards made contributions along with Rob’s brother Pat featured on the harmonica, and a few other musical friends.

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Tom Dooley & Friends - Rob McHale

Release Date: May 2016

Label: Wooden Door Records

Tom Dooley & Friends is is a reflective look at Appalacian and Midwestern history created for our friends at Whippoorwill ( historic ) Village, Ferguson, N.C., home of the Tom Dooley Museum
Whippoorwill Village

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Rob McHale: Fields

Release Date: June 2014
Label: Wooden Door Records

Fields is about things we have lost and things we have found, a brush with history, home and family. The CD takes you through the Civil War without choosing sides. It let’s you reflect on the past through an honest and open window. Also included among its ten tracks are a brief foray into Irish history and reflective songs that focus on chances, family and the environment – with good wishes to close out the disc
Michael Kornfeld – Acoustic Music Scene

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Company Town

Release Date: June 2010
Label: Wooden Door Records

Point of view Folk with an Americana feel and a touch of romance

” A socially conscious writer with intelligent lyrics ” Randy Walker WSGE 91.7 FM

“McHale’s guitar is huge, his vocal is even larger” Christopher Anderson, Victory Music, Seattle,WA