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With all due respect, the first song reminds me strongly of Gordon Lightfoot, in expression, it is also to be noted that a strong celtic touch is integrated. So we are dealing with a typical singer songwriter album which also taps ingredients from the fields of country and bluegrass. The overall impression is arrested in an extremely harmonious and gentle and narrative style. Rob McHale lives in North Carolina and tells stories that take you on a journey through the United States and through various life situations and reminds me in this regard several times to what Allen Frank has to say, stories about the every day life level, with all it’s ups and downs, located in closer and further circle.
In addition to the, to me,a clear expression of Lightfoot, I hear occasionally the peace and serenity of the music of JJ Cale. And if I try very much the grey cells, to have noticed two almost certainly long forgotten( or even unknown ) musicians of this genre, namely John Coster, ( after the album “ Old Stones, Broken Bones” look out ! ) and Bat McGrath ( “Whatever Happened To Jousting “), which at that time were delivering some plates which were of about the same caliber.
On the fourth song, “The Castlebar Races”, an Irish story is told (“Six thousand men they are coming, from across the cold Irish Sea”) and supported with a celtic flute sound. Otherwise is the use of the dobro and fiddle that mediate both authentic feel, and in the title song the pedal steel is used and then a particularly homey atmosphere in the unit is produced with the harmonica.
The artist has several high prices as a songwriter and he has been referred to him as “ a socially conscious writer with intelligent lyrics”
Reference to the accompanying text I can only confirm this statement, and together with this irristibly harmonious music this disc is certainly one of the highlights of this genre in the ongoing year 2014.
After this warm sounding atmophere can the listener/take the listener on a pleasant and melodious way that makes the solar plexus flow very warm. So you can drop yourself toasty and cottony, in this environment of beauty and clarity.

Wolfgang Giese
Frankfurt, Germany

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